Strategic Studies

The TC ASCR is a leading national institution specialising in analytical and conceptual activities oriented at the area of research, development and innovation.

The TC’s Department of Strategic Studies systematically develops methodologies for strategic studies and utilises the latest findings in this field to prepare conceptual background materials for the public administration responsible for research, development and innovation policies on European, national and regional levels.

The Department of Strategic Studies at the TC ASCR cooperates with the public administration on the preparation of strategic documents pertaining to the direction of research, development and innovation policies, on the identification of research priorities or on the evaluation of results and impacts of implemented policies and related measures.

The Department of Strategic Studies at the TC ASCR also develops methodologies used for the preparation of research, development and innovation policies and their implementation, such as methods for the evaluation of programmes and results of research, development and innovation, evaluation of participation in projects of international cooperation in research, development and innovation, and technological foresight and determination of thematic and system priorities, evaluation of impacts etc.

The main clients of the TC ASCR on the national level in the area of strategic studies include the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Research and Development Council, and local government authorities (in the Prague region). On the international level, the TC ASCR cooperates with a number of foreign partners on the preparation of analytical and conceptual studies for the European Commission, UNIDO, and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. Results are also published in professional literature, which is the TC’s way of contributing to the development of this field on an international level.

Main activities

  • Preparation of outlook and strategic studies, analyses, background materials, and methodologies in the area of research, development, and innovation
  • Evaluation of national and international programmes for the support of research, development and innovation
  • Realisation of international projects oriented at analysing, monitoring, and formulating recommendations for research, development and innovation policies
  • Complex auditing of national innovation systems
  • Publishing of the ERGO journal, specialising in analyses and trends in research, technologies, and innovation

Further information about the Technology Centre’s activities in the area of strategic studies can be found at a specialised website.