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A new issue of Volta magazine has been published.

Published: 19. 06. 2012

The journal of science, new technologies and society is published in English twice a year in the project "Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment - PACITA." More about the project please find on:

From the content:
The special report in this second issue of Volta is on cyber security and the vulnerability of critical infrastructures like electricity grids and water supply systems. Because many control systems for these critical infrastructures are accessible directly from the internet, they can be hacked.

Security and safety also feature in another critical topic covered in this edition of Volta – genetically modified organisms. GM crops are grown on a significant scale in other continents, but not in Europe. Why? Is it possible for Europe to maintain this isolated position? What will be the tipping point for the (currently opposed) public in terms of accepting GM products?
A space on information about various activities and interesting event invitations is devoted in this issue.

The new Volta magazine can be downloaded from the enclosure. For receiving the magazine regularly please register on the project website There are eight issues planed within the PACITA project.


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