Czech Liaison Office for Research and Development in Brussels

CZELO – Czech Liaison Office for European Research – is a project of the Technology Centre ASCR that is financially supported by the EUPRO grant of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The main mission of CZELO is to support successful participation of Czech research in European research cooperation. The office provides its services to researchers from all fields and research organisations in the Czech Republic.

CZELO mainly offers the following services:

  • Provision of up to date and targeted information to Czech research entities about European research and opportunities for participation in international research consortia (Newsletter CZELOWeb CZELO)
  • Preparation and facilitation of meetings between Czech researchers and relevant officials of the European Commission for presentations of research topics and project proposals (CZELO seminars)
  • Systematic promotion of Czech research, achieved results, partner capacities, and concrete cooperation offers
  • Organisation of informational days about Czech research and development for representatives of European institutions (European Parliament, European Commission, Council of the European Union and others), organisations represented in Brussels and partner offices
  • Provision of basic support infrastructure and assistance for meetings between Czech researchers and potential project partners in Brussels.


Individual members of the CZELO team can be contacted based on their professional specialisation:




Responsible for

Vosečková Anna

+32 (0) 2514 6672

Nanosciences & material research; EURATOM; Research infrastructure; International Cooperation

Vlková Michaela

+32 (0) 2514 6674

Energy; Environment; Transport; Space; Researchers' mobility (Marie Curie)

Kašpárek Martin

+32 (0) 2514 6674

Information & communication techno­logies; Security research; Competitiveness & Innovation Programme; European Institute of Innovation and Technology; Socio-economic sciences & humanities

Vožechová Adéla

+32 (0) 2514 6672

Regional research; Research potential; Health; Biotechnologies, food & agriculture; Frontier research (ERC); SME

CZELO can be reached at Rue du Trône 98, 1050 Brussels, (level 6). A number of liaison offices of other EU member states also share this address.

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